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How can the earliest Christian writing inform our understanding of Scripture?
This is a community created and moderated by lavendergem and is for those individuals interested in Church history, and how it impacts us today.

The focus of this group is to study the writings of our earliest brethren from the first couple of centuries-- the pre-Nicene writings of such as Tertullian, Justin, Irenaeus, Clement and the like. The purpose of our discussions is to explore how their writings might inform our understanding of Scripture. It is important that they not supersede Scripture, but be used as a tool to better understand how those of the first two or three centuries lived the faith that was handed down to them by the Apostles, and see how (and if) we measure up in our faith today.

Some sites to visit for more information of what the earliest believers actually believed and practiced are Scroll Publishing, which also has links to local churches that are attempting to live according to the Words of Christ and His Apostles; The Guide to Early Church Documents; The Works of Tertullian; Earlychurch.com; and a link to the first 10 volumes of the Ante-Nicene Writings.

Other sites of interest are: Blueprint for a Revolution by Reed Merino, The Fellowship in Deer Park, WA and also Nonresistance.org which has writings from Christians and non-Christians about the peace witness. Tread carefully, many of the writings are still wed to the world.

I do not expect that everyone will agree with what they will find in the early writings. But it is my hope that a dialogue may be opened to explore where we are today, how we got here, whether we could be in a better place, and how that might be accomplished.

My desire is to promote unity in the Body of Christ, and my hope is that we may grow in ever greater surrender to our Lord and Master through a deeper understanding of what His expectations of us may be, that our love for Him and one another may grow and that our joy may be made full.

Please join us for discussion!

God's peace,