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What shall we discuss?

Posted by lavendergem on 2007.07.17 at 13:46
Well folks, thanks for joining up, and please, please, tell your friends!! I have a couple of ideas for topics we could begin with, but wanted to give everyone an opportunity to have a say.

I thought we could start by talking about the Kingdom. What is it, where is it, etc. But is there something y'all would rather begin with? What did the early Christians believe about salvation? Baptism? Anything?

I would like to see topical studies with plenty of participation-- the sites listed on the profile page are great places to start for resources, and of course, Biblegateway.com is a great place for Scripture references in your favorite translation. Also, does anyone have a fave site for Greek and Hebrew? The only ones I have found have the actual Greek-- not the transliterations. I need transliterations, ignorant and un-educated as I am.

Anyway, Kingdom? Yes no? Suggestions?


Norman Green-Price
ochterlany at 2008-01-27 19:38 (UTC) (Link)

Can Human Nature Be Changed?

The Early Church certainly had the secret of changing human nature.

What was it?

May I suggest some of you may like go to this Live Journal entry for a starter point.


Look forward to hearing your input and making many friends.

God Bless,

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