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Posted by lavendergem on 2007.07.16 at 13:08
Hello everyone, and welcome. My first post here by way of introduction of topic, is to give examples of the kinds of things we might talk about here. For instance, we might discuss what the early Christians believed about baptism, or the Eucharist, or war. There are many many topics at hand.

My main concern is that in much of Christendom today, the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater in almost every denomination on some topic or other. Each denominational movement was developed almost as a reaction to some other movement, and often the pendulum has swung too far. And so what we have today are extremes all over that go beyond Scripture; either to add or take away. What is left is filled with man-made traditions and misunderstood doctrine.

I do not intend to uphold or vilify any one denomination over another. Rather, I would like to see what folks are doing right and prune back what is wrong. One way of doing this is by comparing what the first Christians understood the Apostles to be teaching them to what we think we understand today. In studying the early writings, one overwhelmingly finds that their understanding of Scripture is quite literal-- far more literal than I think most Protestants would be comfortable with today-- even those who think of themselves as Fundamentalists. They took whatever the natural grammatical understanding of the language was at face value, and allowed that to shape their world-view-- not the other way around.

Come, let us reason together, and allow Christ to draw us into one mind and heart!

God's Peace,


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